About Multi-Q

Multi-Q is a fully automated tool for multiplexed iTRAQ-based quantitation in protein profiling , which is designed as a generic platform that can accommodate various input data formats from search engines and mass spectrometer manufacturers. Experiment results demonstrate the high accuracy, full automation, and high-throughput capability of Multi-Q as a large-scale quantitati ve proteomics tool. These features allow rapid interpretation of output from large proteomic datasets without the need for manual validation.


Lin, W. T.; Hung, W. N.; Yian, Y. H.; Wu, K. P.; Han, C. L.; Chen, Y. R.; Chen, Y. J.; Sung, T. Y.; Hsu, W. L., Multi-Q: A Fully Automated Tool for Multiplexed Protein Quantitation. J Proteome Res 2006, 5, (9), 2328-2338.

System Requirement

  To effectively operate Multi-Q, the recommended system environment is:
  1. Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0.

Important Notices

Update Infromation

Multi-Q v1.6.5.4
  • Fix some bugs.
  Multi-Q v1.6.5.3
  • Fix some bugs.
  Multi-Q v1.6.4.2
  • Support more query title
  Multi-Q v1.6.2.1
  • Allow user to specify symbol before modified amino acid for CSV output
  Multi-Q v1.6.2.0
  • Peptide ModificationPositioin is added in peptide list.
  • Fix some bugs.
  Multi-Q v1.6.1.3
  • Support more search title of Mascot. (more detail...)
  • Support iTRAQ fixed modification in Mascot.
  Multi-Q v1.6.1.2
  • Modify Dynamic Range display
  Multi-Q v1.6.1.1
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Modify output CSV file format.
  Mutli-Q v1.6.1.0
  • Fix some bugs
  Mutli-Q v1.6.0.2
  • Fix some bugs.
  • support mzXML 3.0.
  Mutli-Q v1.5.2
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Support more search result.
  Mutli-Q v1.5.1
  • Fix some bugs.
  Mutli-Q v1.5.0
  • Add protein ratio chart
  • Support Mascot version 2.2.
  • Support Mascot XML search result.
  • Load previous quantitation result.
  • User define ratio.
  • User can filter out unwanted peptide.
  • New data process interface.
  Mutli-Q v1.3.0
  • Improved visualization of signature peaks.
  • Quantitation wizard included.
  • Support SEQUEST ver 1.8
  Mutli-Q v1.2.0
  • Multi-Q news.
  • Add some statistics of proteins and experiments.
  Mutli-Q v1.1.0
  • Visualization of signature peaks.
  • Fix some bugs.