About CalibrWizard

We present Calibr, a tool for the spectrum-centric analysis of DIA data against DDA-based spectral library, to perform optimization of spectrum preprocessing and calculating various spectral similarity measures as features for validation. In addition to spectral similarity measures, Calibr provides other two types of features related to precursor ion and spectrum property and statistics from spectrum-spectrum matches (SSMs) for machine-learning based validation. To support users to conveniently conduct spectral library searching and validation, we have also implemented a graphical user interface application, called CalibrWizard. It integrates Calibr and PercolatorTsvConverter, a conversion tool for converting Calibr's search results into a tab-delimited format as input to Percolator, and can use the function of Percolator for validation. Using the wizard, users can conveniently set the parameters of the three tools and automatically execute the entire workflow. The software is also available at SourceForge ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/comics-calibr ).

Software Download:

CalibrWizard (download here)

User Guide and Datasets:

  • User manual for setup and running CalibrWizard (pdf)
  • Dataset: MCF7 dataset (zip)

Important Notices

The recommended system environment is as follows:
  1. Operating Systems:  Windows 10
  2. CPU:   CPU 1.8 GHz or faster
  3. HDD:  depending on the raw data file size. It is recommended the free space on the disk is several times of the size of the raw data files
  4. Memory:  depending on the input file size. In general, a minimum of 8GB is suggested
  5. Microsoft .Net Framework: the version of 4.0 or higher is required


Wang et al., "Calibr: A Spectral Library Search Tool for Spectrum-Centric Analysis of Data Independent Acquisition Proteomics"
(Manuscript submitted), 2021.

Update Information

2022.01.06 The software is updated to V1.001
2021.05.10 V1.000 is available