MAGIC(Mass spectrometry-based Automated Glycopeptide IdentifiCation platform) is an automated tool for glycopeptide identification and glycan composition determination. MAGIC adopts a novel Trident algorithm for accurate Y1-ion detection and generates in silico peptide MS/MS spectra for database searches. MAGIC provides the flexibility in setting detection criteria, visualization of each spectrum with peak annotated and a summary report for export. MS/MS spectra in Mascot Distiller MGF and Mascot XML are recommended format for input and identification results, respectively.

Important Notices

The recommended system environment is:
  1. Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  2. CPU: Intel ® CPU 2.40 GHz
  3. HDD: 50GB or more free space
  4. Memory: 4GB or more
  5. Microsoft .Net Framework: .Net 4.5 or higher
  6. Screen Resolution: 1024*768 or higher


Lynn et al., “MAGIC: an Automated N-linked Glycoprotein Identification Tool Using a Y1-ion Pattern Matching Algorithm and in Silico MS2 Approach”, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 87, pp 2466–2473, 2015.


Aug, 2016 V.1.0.2
  • Add a new parser to parse the scan titles elaborated from Thermo Scientific.
  May, 2015 V.1.0.1
  • Support Mascot XML with scan title format generated from AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 instrument.
  January, 2015 V.1.0.0
  • MAGIC is available for download now.