About MaXIC-Q

MaXIC-Q is an automated quantitation tool, which utilizes XICs acquired from isotope labeling techniques for quantitation analysis. As a generic computation platform for high-throughput quantitative proteomics, MaXIC-Q offers the following features: (1) It accepts the mzXML (24) spectral format, which can be converted from raw files of various mass spectrometers by existing tools, as well as search results from commonly used search engines, including Mascot and SEQUEST. (2) It allows user-defined isotope codes, which cover a very broad range of quantitation strategies for various in vivo and in vitro labeling techniques, and even user-developed labeling methods. To the best of our knowledge, MaXIC-Q is currently the only tool that defines stringent criteria for the validation of both XIC and mass spectra to achieve high accuracy in an unattended manner. Furthermore, MaXIC-Q provides graphic interfaces, Elution3D, an XIC viewer, and an ion mass spectrum viewer that allow flexible user-activated interactive modification based on simultaneous 3D visualization of the m/z, elution time and intensity.


Chih-Chiang Tsou, Yin-Hao Tsui, Yi-Hwa Yian, Yi-Ju Chen, Han-Yin Yang, Chuan-Yih Yu, Ke-Shiuan Lynn, Yu-Ju Chen, Ting-Yi Sung, and Wen-Lian Hsu, "MaXIC-Q Web: a fully automated web service using statistical and computational methods for protein quantitation based on stable isotope labeling and LCMS," Nucleic Acids Research, 2009.

Important Notices

  • User Guide for Data Preparation (pdf)