About MinProtMaxVP

    MinProtMaxVP, a Windows-based software tool to execute MinProtMaxVP algorism, which allow the user to input a protein sequence with corresponding single amino-acid variations for generating a minimal number of mutated protein sequences that contain all SAV combinations to facilitate identification of SAVs at the peptide level. Moreover, the outcomes of MinProtMaxVP are comparing to other two common approaches.

Software Download:

MinProtMaxVP   (  download from zenodo.org   or   download from COmics   )

Important Notices

The recommended system environment is:
  1. Operating System:  Windows10
  2. CPU:  Intel CPU 1.8 GHz or faster
  3. HDD:  depending on the raw data file size. It is recommended the free space on the disk is several times of the size of the raw data files
  4. Memory:  depending on the input file size. In general, a minimum of 4GB is suggested
  5. Microsoft .Net Framework: the version of 4.0 or higher is required


Choong et al., “MinProtMaxVP: Generating a minimized number of protein variant sequences containing all possible variant peptides by solving a set covering problem" . Journal of Proteomics, 2020.

Update Information

2019.4.02 V1.0 is available for download now.
  • MinProtMaxVP version 1.0 is officially on-line.