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gDecoy gDecoy [PudMed] to support users to upload a target sequence database, select an enzyme for in silico digestion, and conveniently generate a decoy sequence database using one of the reverse, pseudo reverse, and pseudo shuffle methods.
iHPDM in silico Human Proteome Digestion Map (iHPDM )[PudMed] contains a comprehensive peptide database of the human proteins in neXtProt digested by 15 protease combinations of single and two proteases. peptides in the entire human proteome digested by various proteases (specifically, 15 protease combinations), Each digested peptide is annotated with the following information: length, mass (molecular weight), sequence, starting and ending positions in the protein, PTMs, and whether unique.
MAGIC-web SVMSignal MAGIC-web [PubMed] is a web server aiming to provide mass spectrometry-based automated glycoprotein identification service. The web server features MAGIC [PubMed] and MAGIC+ for untargeted and targeted glycoprotein analysis.

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